Health Insurance for Spanish Residency

Health Insurance for Spanish Residency: 

  • No Copayments
  • Unlimited Expenses
  • Best and Biggest Medical Panel
  • 100% approved to apply for residency in Spain

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Health Insurance for Spanish Residency Adeslas

At Insurance Spain we know what you need, Adeslas has designed the Health Plan that overcomes the requirements set by the Spanish Government to apply for Spanish Residency.  Once you purchase your Health Insurance for Spanish Residency with us, you will enjoy our Customer Care in English, Incidents Management through our office via email or phone call, Authorizations, and more and you will undoubtedly have SegurCaixa Adesla’s excellent support.

Health Insurance for spanish visa

Health insurance for spanish visa, valid to apply for residency and a visa in Spain. Adeslas COMPLETE Repatriation Special insurance for foreigners Adeslas. In addition, the Adeslas Foreigners insurance is without copays.

Adeslas Complete, a type of Collective Health Insurance for spanish residency  that includes extensive coverage.

It is not necessary to have a NIE or DNI to register in the group, in other words, you can take out your Adeslas health insurance for foreigners using your passport.

Advantages of your Health Insurance for Spanish Residency

  • No Copayments
  • Unlimited Expenses
  • Best and Biggest Medical Panel

 Coverages health insurance for spanish residency for Spanish Residency

Because you are important to us, your Health Insurance for Spanish Residency will cover the most important aspects of your life as a result of the best medical panel and most comprehensive network of services. With health insurance spain

Most important coverages

  • General medicine and pediatrics, area childcare, and infirmary service.
  • Emergencies: in the centers with an agreement with the insurer and as a home visit if the patient so requires.
  • Medical and surgical specialties: gynecology, ophthalmology, dermatology, traumatology, cardiology, oncology, etc.
  • Diagnosis resources including high technology
  • Hospitalization: childbirth, surgical, medical, in the ICU and psychiatry. For unlimited days and with a bed for the companion.
  • Psychology: Treatment of behavioral problems, eating disorders and other situations.
  • Special treatments such as hemodialysis (unlimited sessions in acute and chronic processes) or chemotherapy (day hospitals).
  • Ambulance services: for emergency cases within the province of residence of the insured party.
  • Health assistance abroad: up to a limit of €12,000/year.

Featured and distinguishing coverages

  • Psychotherapy service (20 sessions/year), including eating disorders (40 sessions/year).
  • 12 Podiatry sessions in the medical panel.
  • 50% refund coverage up to €500 for medical expenses in Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy.
  • 50% refund coverage up to €200 for medical expenses in Podiatry.
  • Corneal and bone marrow transplants.
  • Cost of internal cardiovascular and traumatology prostheses.
  • Full coverage of congenital diseases of the newborn when they are registered in the policy within 30 calendar days from birth, and as long as the mother is insured in the policy at least 10 months prior to the birth.
  • Childbirth preparation.
  • Medication in chemotherapy and intraocular lenses in cataract surgery.
  • Plastic surgery for breast reconstruction and breast prostheses for cases of breast reconstruction after a radical mastectomy.


Additional services included

  • Telephone medical advice: user support 24 hours a day.
  • Psychology: with special prices in case you want to extend the sessions covered in the policy.


Some guarantees require authorization. Therefore, if one of our professionals prescribes you a service, such as medical tests, you must present this prescription so we can manage its conformity and authorization.

The coverages and tests subject to medical authorization.

  • Hospital admissions
  • Medical tests.
  • Rehabilitation.
  • Clinical psychology.

How can you apply for your Health Insurance for Spanish Residency?

  • Admission with Passport, NIE or DNI
  • Apply from anywhere in the world with our online services such as GDPR compliant signature

How can you pay for your Health Insurance for Spanish Residency?

  • Monthly Premium
  • Annual Premium

Why contract with us your Health Insurance for Spanish visa?

We certainly know Insurance Spain Adeslas that you’re applying for Visa or Residency from your hometown. That’s why we allow you to purchase your Health Insurance for Spanish Residency online, fast and secure giving you, personalized attention during the entire process.

Moreover, our personalized attention in English is not attached to the enrolling process only, once you purchase your Health Insurance for Spanish Residency through us, you will be part of our Offices Portfolio and will enjoy our Customer Service in English.

Need Information in Spanish about health insurance for Spanish Residency? Go to Seguro para Extranjeros

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