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Health insurance  Spain Adeslas, easy online contracting. Insurance for Foreigners without Copays and without Waiting Periods at the best market price.

Valid to request all kinds of procedures such as visa and residence in Spain.

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Health insurance Adeslas Coverages

General medicine and pediatrics

Medical Specialists & consultants in all fields

Medical and surgical hospitalization without a time limit.

A Bed for your companion

High Tech Diagnostics.

ICU Hospitalization.

Health insurance in spain 

To choose the health adeslas insurance that best suits your needs, the most important thing is to define the main reason why you need the insurance; Below we explain the three most common reasons why a foreigner needs health insurance in Spain:

1.-To apply for visas (for example, a study visa or a non-profit visa); The foreigner who is carrying out any of these procedures before the Government of Spain, will need a Medical Insurance for foreign students in Spain, without co-payments and without waiting periods; In these cases, we recommend Adeslas medical insurance for foreigners, a collective insurance that meets (and even exceeds) the requirements demanded by consulates and immigration offices.

2.-To complement Social Security coverage, these are foreigners who already reside in Spain and have public health care and (like millions of Spaniards); They want private insurance to have access to consultations with specialists without waiting lists, clinical analyses, hospital admissions in a single room, high-tech tests and much more: in these cases we recommend Adeslas Plena Plus or Adeslas Plena Vital.

3.-There is also the case of foreigners who come as tourists and will be in Spain for 3 months or less, it is necessary to clarify that if you will be in Spain as a tourist, what you need is travel insurance that includes medical emergencies; It is best to hire this type of insurance through a travel agency.

Spanish health insurance 

We want to tell you some things you should know about spanish health insurance in Spain if you are a foreigner and you live (or are going to live) in Spain, surely this interests you:

1.- More than 8 million Spaniards, even with Social Security coverage, also have private health insurance Spain.

And it is that, although the Spanish health system is excellent, it is currently saturated (especially in the cities). Waiting lists for both specialist consultations and high-tech exams and clinical trials can be up to three months.

It is important to understand that the Social Security system revolves around the family doctor.

It is the family doctor who decides if the patient requires consultation with a specialist. In other words, the SS coverage does not imply that we can have direct access to a specialist doctor whenever we want.

2.-There are several insurers where you can take out private medical insurance in Spain even if you are irregular.

In these cases, you can take out the insurance using your passport as your identity document and you will have access to private adeslas health insurance under the same conditions as any Spanish resident or citizen.

In our SegurCaixa Adeslas Commercial Service Office, we specialize in medical insurance for foreigners in Spain

3.-For certain residence or visa applications in Spain, you will need to prove health coverage.

It is important to clarify that NOT in all applications for residence it is necessary to contract a Private Medical Insurance; For example, in the cases of work roots, political asylum, humanitarian asylum, it is not necessary to take out private spanish health insurance in Spain.

On the other hand, those who are going to process the Citizenship Registry of the European Union, and have a job offer or pre-contract, will not need to take out private medical insurance in Spain as a requirement for the process, because when they start their work activity they will be covered by the SS.

To better understand the terms used in the previous paragraph, you can read about basic concepts of immigration in Spain.

So, who needs to take out private health insurance to process their residency in Spain? We tell you about it in Medical Insurance for residence permit

Characteristics of private medical insurance in Spain.

Many of us foreigners who live in Spain have had private medical insurance in our country of origin and even so, some terms and conditions of private medical insurance in Spain are unknown to us; Below we explain the terms and conditions that we consider most relevant:

Minimum hiring time: 1 year. All medical insurance in Spain is contracted with a commitment of at least 1 year, even when the payment method is monthly.

 Waiting Periods: Refers to the waiting periods for the use of certain benefits included in the policy; such as: high-tech tests, elective surgeries or deliveries. If you want to take out medical insurance without a deficiency, all you have to do is request information. It is important to note that for vital emergencies there are no waiting periods.

 Medical List: Edited list of professionals and health establishments owned or arranged by each Insurer in each province.

 Copays: There are types of policies with copays and without copays. In the first case, the insured will contribute a previously established amount for the use of certain coverage included in his policy. In the second case (policy without copay) the insured does not have to pay anything more than the amount of the premium of his policy.

health insurance
Health Insurance Spain

Adeslas Health Insurance

Many insurers include optional modules with extra coverage that you can hire. Dental coverage or coverage in the event of death such as Adeslas funeral insurance (death coverage or repatriation of mortal remains to the country of origin). As foreigners, it is important to value this type of coverage to prevent problems and anguish that we could cause our relatives in difficult times.

The Insurance Advisor is a key factor in your medical insurance:

Choosing an insurance advisor who understands our needs and who is a professional with a track record and experience, will facilitate the process of choosing the most appropriate policy and most importantly: he will be the professional who manages everything related to our policy.

At our SegurCaixa Adeslas Commercial Service Office, we have a team of professionals specialized in insurance for foreigners, with years of experience and hundreds of satisfied policyholders.

You can find out the opinion of some of our policyholders by visiting our Adeslas Extranjeros Facebook page and you can also visit our website with information in Spanish on seguro médico para extranjeros.

Hiring private medical insurance in Spain is an excellent idea, whether you have Social Security coverage or if you are in an irregular situation.

Best private health insurance in spain

Enjoy all the coverage your family requires and more;  assistance primary medicine, specialists, and diagnostic means, as well as in emergency departments and hospitalization.  Adeslas health insurance with complete Insurance Coverage for your loved one’s health.

And if you’re looking forward to bring your mascot, we strongly recommend checking out our Pet Insurance Spain.

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