Pet Isurance Spain

Pet Insurance in Spain provides protection and security like the rest of the family. If you already have a pet, you will know the importance of having it cared for and protected because, just as humans, they are susceptible to health events and accidents, and at that time, you will want the best care for your furry friend.

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Adeslas created Pet Insurance in Spain to assist families with any emergency or medical treatment their dog or cat needs. At super affordable prices and without exceptions for your pet’s age, pet insurance Pets will give you extensive coverage.

You can also view information about insurance for your mascot in spanish in Adeslas Mascotas.

Pet Insurance Spain cost

The Pet Insurance Spain cost depend on the policy you choose, between primary and complete. You can also save depending on your payment plan, whether monthly, quarterly, etc.

Basic Coverage Pet Insurance pets

Monthly: €5.74
Quarterly: €15.07
Semesterly: €31.42
Annual: €63.58

Full Coverage Pet Insurance Pets

Monthly: €24.28
Quarterly: €63.76
Semi-annual: €132.94
Annual: €268.97
You can contact us through the secure online website and obtain special discounts on policies to be contracted online from your home.

Pet Insurance in Spain

Reviews of Pet Insurance in Spain 

We often receive opinions about Pet Insurance Spain. It is worth noting that the vast majority of our opinions are incredibly positive, which means that consumers of these policies are satisfied with the service provided.

In addition to the incredible attention that policy users receive, prices are also a very notable section since we have very affordable prices and different types of policies to adapt to your needs.

Pet Insurance in Spain Free Telephone
With the Pet Insurance Spain Free Telephone, you can now request information by making a call; you will also be able to contract with the same simple call. In addition, Adeslas Free Telephone is not only for requesting information or contracting the pet insurance pets policy, but it also works for any other policy that is of interest to you.

The Adeslas toll-free numbers are 965 042 285 / 627 00 44 39

Pet Insurance Spain

Advantages of Pet Insurance pets

In addition to the Coverage and services provided by Pet Insurance in Spain, there are several advantages to taking out any of the policies described above. One is veterinary care via telephone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Telephone inquiries about hotels that allow pets, transportation, and residences for canines and felines, training, hairdressing, and others.
Rates are flat regardless of the breed or age of your pet.
You do not need to present a pet’s health certificate.
Obtain 400 euros in compensation regardless of the actual value of the furry dog.
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965 042 285 / 627 00 44 39

Basic Dog Coverage Insurance

Although it is the cheapest Pet insurance in Spain, its price does not match its extensive Coverage and services. The cost of only 5.85 euros has no waiting period so you can enjoy it from the first day. This insurance is designed to comply with some legislation that requires owners to have pet insurance. Likewise, it works to solve any accident or treatment and those who need compensation.
Civil liability: Up to Coverage of 2000 euros for damages to third parties. The Coverage provides peace of mind to owners and complies with the mandatory Coverage for those potentially dangerous dogs.
Death: Pet Insurance Spain compensates up to 1,000 euros for the death of your dog due to an accident.
Theft: The theft of your pet includes a capital of up to 800 euros in basic insurance.
Full Coverage Dog Insurance
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965 042 285 / 627 00 44 39

Full Coverage Dog Insurance

Full Coverage Dog insurance, also known as veterinary insurance, includes other services added to the basic one for more excellent health coverage. The policy has a cost of 24.74 euros per month.
Veterinary consultation without limits.
Vaccine checkup and free rabies vaccine.
Large veterinary team with more than 300 clinics in the country.
In addition to basic Coverage for death due to an accident, Coverage of up to 1,000 euros is included for death due to illness.
Safe without waiting periods.
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965 042 285 / 627 00 44 39

Pet Insurance In Spain
Pet Insurance Pets

Basic Coverage Cat Insurance

Death: Expenses arising from the death of your cat after an accident have Coverage of up to 1,000 euros.
Civil liability: Cats tend to be naughtier, unlike dogs, and usually leave traces of it. In any accident caused by your small pet, Pet Insurance In Spain covers up to 28 thousand euros.
Theft: Get compensation for the theft of your pet of up to 800 euros
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965 042 285 / 627 00 44 39

Full Coverage Cat Insurance

Complete Pet Insurance Spain gives you excellent Coverage, with an extra range of services in addition to those found in the basic plan. The price of the policy starts at 24.70 euros per month.
Veterinary assistance without limits.
Extensive veterinary medical team: more than 300 clinics in Spain.
Discounts on treatments: Sterilizations, mouth cleaning, and other services for your cat’s health have great discounts for customers’ savings.
Rabies vaccine and free checkups.
There is no waiting period.
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965 042 285 / 627 00 44 39

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Enjoy all the coverage your mascot requires and more;  assistance primary medicine, specialists, and diagnostic means, as well as in emergency departments and hospitalization.  Pet Insurance Spain with complete coverage for your loved one’s health.

And if you need coverage for you or someone of your family, check Adeslas Insurance or health insurance spain.

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